Selected Work

Portrait by Bob Miller


The New Food Economy 1.20 The Buffalo Is Coming Back to Pine Ridge.

The New Food Economy 11.19 Crowd Cow Promised to Bring Craft Meat to the Masses.

Edible Phoenix 11.19 In Search of the Perfect Carne Asada

The New Food Economy 10.19 Beef Cuts. What's In a Name?

The New Food Economy 5.19 Saving Produce from the Landfill at the Mexican Border

The New Food Economy 4.19 The Marriage of Niman Ranch and Perdue

Edible Phoenix 12.18 Shrimp in the Desert. Yes, It's a Thing.

The New Food Economy 11.18 Bison Bars (Article also appeared in The Best American Food Writing 2019, edited by Samin Nosrat and Sylvia Killingsworth)

Edible Phoenix 9.18 Where's the Beef?

Edible Phoenix 2.18 Stalking the Wild Javelina

Edible Phoenix 2.17 Buying Beef in Bulk

Rio Nuevo 12.15 It's Time For Tamales!


The Essential Southwest Cookbook (Rio Nuevo Publishers, 2013. ISBN 978-1933855905)

Southwest Comfort Food: Slow and Savory (Rio Nuevo Publishers, 2011. ISBN 978-1933855325)

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